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The S[quadrat] team

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General Management
Mark Siedentopf, General Manager & Owner & Technical Director,
Andreas Brockschmidt, Authorised Representative & Owner Sales & Marketing Director,
Sales & Marketing
Stephanie Howorka, Marketing Manager & Commercial Project Manager,
Eva Wiesenberg, Key Account Manager,
Kevin Brockschmidt, Sales & Marketing Manager,
Oliver Foy, Sales Manager & General Manager S[quadrat] France,
Florian Amannt, Sales Project Manager,
Constructional Planning & Purchase Management
Marcus Haas, Office & Purchase Manager,
Steffen Reuter, CAD Design,
Rebecca Siedentopf, Finances,
Research & Development Quality Management
Harald Dürsch, R & D Project Manager,
Amy Liao, Production & Quality Manager,
Rainer Beerhalter, R & D Director,
Software & Hardware Engineers, ,
Project Management & Service Management
Manfred Rittmann, Project Manager,
Patrick Hummler, Head of Service,
Alexander Boyan, Service Technician,
Holger Amort, Service Technician,
Walter Zick, Service Technician,
Mounting & Installation
Martin Schönberger, Head of Installation,
Silvio Hubaty, Head of Mechanical Production,
Uwe Müller, Installation Technician,
+ Freelancers, ,