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The Japanese fashion group Uniqlo is well-known worldwide for its fashion, but also for the LED tickers inside its stores. For the market extension into Europe the group was searching for a reliable provider who equips the new Uniqlo stores in France with high-end LED displays. For the giant store in the Marais in Paris an outstanding shop window project is planned. A total of 13 digital shop windows with the newest LED video display technology shall show the latest Uniqlo line. This requires highest product quality as well as the professional and smooth implementation of the project.
The LED ticker displays with a pixel pitch of 10 mm are meanwhile an integral part of the corporate design of the Uniqlo stores. Also newly opened and modernized shops shall be equipped with LED tickers as eye-catchers and promotional messengers.

Together with Goertz Medientechnik GmbH, S[quadrat] GmbH has won this project. For the breath-taking store design of the Uniqlo store in the Marais in Paris we installed 13 SI [6 SMD] NT Light shop window displays with various sizes from 2.8 m² to 5.5 m².

I’m deeply impressed by the result of this project. The architecture, especially the historic windows, in combination with modern media enter into a truly symbiotic relationship. It is simply great that there are such creative people. And of course, it is even greater that our small but also outstanding team can contribute to the success of such projects”, commends Mark Siedentopf, General Manager S[quadrat] GmbH.

Subsequently we provided SI [10 SMD] NT Light display modules for the two typical LED tickers inside the new opened Uniqlo store in the shopping center Les Terrasses Du Port in Marseille.

Between August 2015 and November 2015 we installed our proven LED solution S[quadrat] SI [10 SMD] NT Light LED ticker with 10 mm pixel pitch in further Uniqlo stores in Europe:

  • In Uniqlo’s pop up store inside the Galeries Lafayette parent house in Paris we integrated a total of 5 SI [10 SMD] NT Light LED tickers with a height of only 0.16 m into the existing store furniture.
  • Directly afterwards, in downtown Antwerp there the biggest LED ticker so far, U-shaped with 1 m height and 21 m width, was integrated.
  • In the shop-windows of Uniqlo in France’s first lifestyle shopping mall Polygone Riviera in Cagnes-sur-Mer near Nice the 0.32 m high LED tickers complete the design of the shop-windows.
  • Inside the converted FNAC shop in Paris Montparnasse 5 m² SI [10 SMD] NT Light LED tickers run along the shop ceiling in two rows.
  • Uniqlo at London’s Oxford Street stands out with 95 linear meters of LED modules with 10 mm pixel pitch mounted underneath the escalators. A 20 m² ticker screen at the entrance rounds off the new store concept.

March & May 2014
August - November 2015

Project Partner:

Goertz Medientechnik GmbH

Technical data:
15 x SI [6 SMD] NT Light shop-window displays
15 x SI [10 SMD] NT Light LED ticker displays

15 x various sizes = 48.55 m²
15 x various sizes = 78.2 m²